Saturday, August 06, 2016

Jerusha succeeds with success!

Jean Webster
Author of Daddy-Long-Legs

Just yesterday, I noted Jerusha's sharp tongue, and we have evidence today that it can sharpen a story, as Jerusha tells her benefactor how she's going to repay him his kindness in supporting her education:
Before I begin - here's a cheque for one thousand dollars. It seems funny, doesn't it, for me to be sending a cheque to you? Where do you think I got it?

I've sold my story, Daddy. It's going to be published serially in seven parts, and then in a book! You might think I'd be wild with joy, but I'm not. I'm entirely apathetic. Of course I'm glad to begin paying you - I owe you over two thousand more. It's coming in instalments. Now don't be horrid, please, about taking it, because it makes me happy to return it. I owe you a great deal more than the mere money, and the rest I will continue to pay all my life in gratitude and affection.
Is Jerusha about to escape the eight-limbed clutches of Daddy-Long-Legs? Stay tuned . . .



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