Friday, August 12, 2016

Autumn of Civilisation?

Christopher Biggins
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Some Brit named "James Delingpole" has written an article for the Spectator (August 13, 2016) about another Brit named "Christopher Biggins[,] and [it talks about] the fall of civilisation," summarizing the issue as follows:
The barbarians are through the gates. If you ignore this controversy as too vulgar to care about, you're giving them aid!"
I haven't bothered to read the whole article since I have the uncanny knack for correctly foreseeing what a person is bound to say next, based entirely on what that same person has just uttered, and I foresee that the issue at hand is the correct spelling of "civili ation" - the Brit has written it with an "s," but a Yank will write it with a "z."

In short, "civilisation" will fall, but "civilization" will fill in the missing letter with a "z" and fulfill the old British role! If you do read on ahead out of a severe lack of trust in me and my word and thereby get a different message, then you will know that you are being punished by God. Don't take that risk!



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