Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jerusha Spider: All's Fair in Love and War

Two Can Play That Game!

Judy (aka Jerusha) is a spider learning the ropes:
The accompanying illustration is hereby reproduced for the first time. It looks like a spider on the end of a string, but it isn't at all; it's a picture of me learning to swim in the tank in the gymnasium. The instructor hooks a rope into a ring in the back of my belt, and runs it through a pulley in the ceiling. It would be a beautiful system if one had perfect confidence in the probity of one's instructor. I'm always afraid, though, that she will let the rope get slack, so I keep one anxious eye on her and swim with the other, and with this divided interest I do not make the progress that I otherwise might.
We see that Jerusha can be just as much (or just as little) a spider as Daddy-Long-Legs. Is a reversal of roles in progress? Appearances take on reality?



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