Friday, January 08, 2016

ISIS in CRISIS? Paul Wood says "Yes"

The Spectator summarizes Paul Wood's article, "The truth about Islamic State: it's in crisis" (January 9, 2016):
Isis in crisis. Disillusioned Islamic State recruits are deserting the bloodthirsty terror group as it loses territory, says Paul Wood. Morale is plummeting, especially among foreign fighters. Many are packing it in, and many others want to defect. But it is too soon to say that the caliphate is done for. The death throes of the Caliphate will take time; and if, or when, the caliphate is smashed to pieces, some of its members will be coming back to the UK.
I had a sense that this was happening. I read a lot each day on the Muslim world, much more than I report upon - for I have many interests - so I'm not surprised by this good news. May the good news continue! Don't celebrate yet, though, for this isn't over.

And when it is over - assuming ISIS fails - true believers will be returning to the West, still certain of the 'failed' prophecies, for we all know what happens when prophecies fail - true believers double down and believe even more strongly.

Anyway, read Wood's entire article.



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