Sunday, November 29, 2015

Maybe those brain-growing flatworms could be of value, after all, Mr. Amira . . .

Issam Amira
Isaam Amira Spouting Wisdom
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In Clip No. 5175Memri reports on words of wisdom spouting from "Palestinian Cleric Issam Amira: The Paris Attacks Were Carried Out by Western Intelligence." Rather than by whom? Than by heroic Islamist jihadis? Yes, of course rather than by them! As he's already said, by Western intelligence, to which, he adds the purpose: "in order to pin the blame on Islam." Why? Because Islam never does anything wrong, so all that violence we're seeing the whole world over stems not from Islam but from the CIA and the like. Amira next offers a model prayer of the sort one has come to expect from a moderate Islamist intent on impressing everyone with his peaceful Islamic views:
Amira prayed to Allah to "deal with America" and with its European and Russian allies and to "kill each and every one of them."
Here follows an excerpt from Amira's sermon:
How disgusting is the media, which filled the world with its arrogance, and with its condemnation of the Paris bombings, even though there is evidence to prove that these bombings - according to the analysis of one politician - were carried out by the intelligence agency of an anti-Islamic Western country, in order to pin the blame on Islam. This scenario was premeditated, in order to label the Islamic world as terrorist.
So as "to pin the blame on Islam"? How so? By carrying out a terrorist act modeled on Islamist terror? So . . . it wasn't Islamist terrorism - it just looked exactly like Islamist terrorism? But it wasn't, because Amira has "evidence to prove" that the culpable agent is Western Intelligence (some politician said so), and he implores Allah to do something about this - nothing out of the ordinary, just a little slaughter:
Oh Allah, who revealed the Quran, who moves the clouds and defeats armies, deal with America and its allies and supporters, from among the Europeans, the Russians, and other heretic infidels. Oh Allah, count them one by one and kill each and every one of them. Do not leave a single one of them alive.
Why does Allah need to do all this counting as he slaughters each and every American, European, Russian, and other heretic ally on earth? Merely to hold all these infidels accountable? Why not be more efficient and just do it all at once. You know, the way Islamist terrorists do. Otherwise, the slaughter will take a long time. Simultaneous slaughter? It should be a no-brainer, Mr. Amira.

But in Amira's case - bring on the flatworms' brains . . .

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