Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Babies: Spitting Images?

Evil Eye?
Or its nemesis?

In the Spectator's letters section for September 26 (2015), a Mr. Frederick Andrews, living in Asvestohori, Greece, responds to Rod Liddle's desire to spit on babies - or was Liddle's desire more to spit on their parents? - with an open invitation to come to Greece:
Sir: If Rod Liddle really feels tempted to spit on babies (19 September), he should move to Greece - here everybody does it. It is an age-old custom, in order to prevent the child being cursed by the Evil Eye. My Greek wife's aunt caused wide-eyed panic on visiting our firstborn in hospital when she 'pth-pitt'ed at each bundle of joy.
Spitting on babies outside of Greece is a sure-fire way to get the parents' dander up, but one has to wonder about the Evil Eye's perceptiveness if it hasn't by now cottoned on to what the Greeks are up to with this spitting business.

Myself, I don't believe in the Evil Eye, but I'm told that unbelief makes no difference - it's looking for me anyway - so just to be safe, I'm keeping an eye out for it.

That Evil Eye just better watch out for the evil "I" . . .



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