Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Al-Tunisi's informs France: 'Your Women And Children Will Be Sold By Us In The Markets'


According to a Memri Report for March 30, 2015, "Issue VIII Of 'Dabiq' Includes [an] Interview With [the] Assassin Of [the] Tunisian MP [Mohammad Brahmi, killed in July 2013 by Al-Tunisi], Who Urges Muslims In France To Emulate Terrorist Attacks In Europe, Threatens [the French]: 'Your Women And Children Will Be Sold By Us In The Markets':
On March 30, 2015, the Islamic State (ISIS) published the eighth issue of its English-language magazine Dabiq. The issue features an interview with Abu Muqatil Al-Tunisi, the assassin of Tunisian PM Mohammad Brahmi, who was killed in July 2013 . . . . Al-Tunisi also addresses Muslims in France, calling upon them to fight the enemies of Allah and to emulate other terrorist attacks that were committed in Europe. "I call them to follow the method of the brothers who executed operations in Europe . . . . Do not look for specific targets. Kill anybody. All the kuffar [i.e., unbelievers, non-Muslims] over there are targeted." Al-Tunisi further warns the unbelievers in France that ISIS is getting closer to France (namely after it established itself in Libya): "Soon, by Allah's permission, you will see the banner of 'la Ilaha Illallah' fluttering over the Elysee Palace. The Islamic State is close now. Between us and you is the sea . . . The march is advancing towards you. And inshallah, your women and children will be sold by us in the markets of the Islamic State."
The Islamist threats grow ever more bloodthirsty and depraved, almost enough to convince me of reprobation, the state of those so sunken in evil that they are beyond hope, having long ago crossed the event horizen of evil's massively attractive force.

But we can hope that Al-Tunisi and his troops follow through on one threat: "Between us and you is the sea . . . [Our] march is advancing towards you." Good, they can keep right on marching, straight down into the sea. Let's see if Al-Tunisi can part its waters . . .

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