Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Mug Like Me . . .

Starbucks Mug
Korean Script Introduction

Some weeks back, I must have helped a former student of mine with an application (though I don't recall), and because her application was successful, she bought the nice mug you see above and 'gifted' me with it. Well, not exactly that one - the one she bought sat unphotographed on my desk while I was scanning Google Images for its facsimile.

The cup displays the prefatory remarks of King Sejong explaining his reasons for 'inventing' the Korean alphabet, which he named "Hunminjeongeum," but which later Koreans wisely renamed "Hangeul" so that dumb foreigners like me could pronounce it.

I'm really grateful to my ex-student because this mug looks just about right for holding a beer, and in that way, it's a mug like me . . .

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