Thursday, October 16, 2014

"God is allowing ISIS to expose Islam"?

Christian Refugees from Mosul
Finding a home in Merga Souva, Iraq
Gail Orenstein / AP Images

Most Muslims insist on Islam being a religion of peace, but according to Cairo-based, Egyptian Pastor Atef Samy (and I've reversed the order of these quotes):
Islam's peaceful nature . . . would not be recognized by many Christians in southern Egypt . . . . The ISIS mentality exists in rural village settings even where the group itself has no representation.

"God is allowing ISIS to expose Islam . . . . They are its true face, showing what Islam is like whenever it comes to power." (Jayson Casper, "Facing ISIS, Middle Eastern Evangelicals Exchange Strategies," Christianity Today, October 14, 2014)
Other Christians of the Middle East express more ecumenical views, so go read the article for their opinions.

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