Sunday, August 03, 2014

Spoof BBC Site: Sympathy for Lindall's Devil?

Lindall's Satan

In some slightly old 'news,' the spoof-BBC site, Och Aye the News Scotlandshire, reporter Outa Conteckst writes on "Salmond's sympathy for the Devil" (Thursday, May 1, 2014) - Salmond being Alex Salmond, Scottish politician and separatist leader:
All right thinking people across the globe have called on Alex Salmond to apologise for comments in which he lavished praise on Satan and described him as an "angel", punished for taking on heaven's "stifling status quo". The splittist leader also called God "dictatorial".
The spoof - which continues for several paragraphs - was apparently a response (written in spoof BBC style) to a Daily Mail article "Fury as 'insensitive' Salmond praises Putin for restoring Russia's pride in itself," which arguably takes Salmond's remarks on Putin 'out of context' (hence the spoof reporter's name).

Some of the local allusions go past me, but for context, just note that BBC Scotlandshire - which is not part of the BBC - publishes fictional stories in the style of BBC Scotland to satirize the latter.

The connection to Lindall was a reference to "Milton's 'Paradise Lost', a copy of which was lying on the table," apparently a copy with the Satan image shown above . . . in the spoof, anyway.

By the way, note that the 'porthole' in Satan's belly shows hellfire within the old devil, this being Lindall's allusion to Paradise Lost 4.75, where Satan declares that he himself is hell. To experience more 'sympathy' for the devil, see this poem: "Hell's Bells"! But don't expect much sympathy here.

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