Monday, June 30, 2014

Janis Krumins' Words on my BBB Story . . .

Janis Krumins of Latvia - a new online friend - has finished reading my story, The Bottomless Bottle of Beer, and had a few words to relate:
I finished reading your book. It was very enjoyable. I like the flow your language, I like ambiguity. As someone noted in Amazon review, there is something Umberto Eco-ish about your book. I think there is one difference though. Eco uses his countless references to confuse while you use them to clarify things.
Ah! That's why I got lost in Eco's amazing novel, The Name of the Rose! Maybe I also got lost in my own novel story, for I expect I've missed some of my own references . . .
One can tell that you are a person with extensive knowledge of art and culture and I guess I missed some (or most) of your allegories and references and maybe that's why resolution of book was not quite what I expected. I guess I am taking things too literally:)
Unexpected . . . as in disappointing? Or possibly . . . surprising? Maybe even astonishing? At least I am gratified to see that my literary allusions give the illusion that I'm knowledgeable.
Anyway, having fun comes before "getting everything right". Right? Great work and please let me know when you publish your next work.
Fun is the catchword, the crucial element, the rare experience! I hope it was truly fun . . .
PS. And thank you for promoting image of Latvia!
Happy to! I've here tried to do so again!

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