Sunday, April 06, 2014

M. A. Orthofer - Review of Jang Jung-il, When Adam Opens his Eyes

M. A. Orthofer
Critical Mass

Mr. M. A. Orthofer, depicted above from an interview by Critical Mass, has reviewed -- in his Complete Review -- the translation by my wife and me of Jang Jung-il's novella When Adam Opens his Eyes. Orthofer's summary is that the book is a "fine, quick Korean Bildungsroman," but he has more to say than that:
A young man's novel, youthfully exuberant and unpolished, and with a mix of the predictable and the experimental (not all of which works -- "If I cried, neon would flow from my eyes" -- but points for trying), it offers enough that it is certainly of interest and worth the quick read.
This is about as close as Orthofer comes to commenting on the success of the translation effort. Most of the review is summary, so if you want that -- with all its plot spoilers -- follow the link given above (or here).

I'm taking the general silence of reviewers on the quality of our translation effort as meaning that they have no complaint.

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