Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Five-Star Amazon Review of The Bottomless Bottle of Beer

A fifth five-star review has appeared on my novella's Amazon site, this time by a scholar specializing in the rise of the modern novel, Dr. Hyewon Ryu, whose doctoral thesis was The Metropolitan Body in the Rise of the Early English Novel. I know her thesis fairly well since I proofread it -- and found it an excellent scholarly work! I don't recall if I mentioned my own novella to her, or if she noticed the Amazon web address in my email signature, but we crossed paths a week or two ago, and she told me that she had started reading it and found it a bit scary (as a number of other readers have also admitted). Anyway, here's what she posted at Amazon:
I have just read the last page of this book, The Bottomless Bottle of Beer. What a fascinating piece Mr. Hodges has created! It was a thrilling experience to read it through. If he plans to publish any other book, I hope someone will please keep me updated.
Short but sweet! Thanks for that, Dr. Ryu. Coming from a true literary critic, those are welcome words! I hope that any Gypsy Scholar readers who might be wavering over purchasing a copy of the BBB will be nudged into shelling out for the admittedly high price of $2.99 ($4.99 in Korea) by reading Dr. Ryu's praise.

I'll have to ask her what she thought of Terrance Lindall's illustrations . . .

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