Sunday, October 06, 2013

Multiplication of the what?

Nicolás Maduro
President of Venezuela
Resident of Venezuela?
Epigone . . . gone?
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Based on an NYT report by William Neuman, "To Venezuelans, Heir of Chávez Is a Poor Copy" (October 1, 2013), I gather that things -- so to speak -- aren't working out so well for Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro, chosen successor to Hugo Chavez, despite having been handpicked by the great man himself, for not only are the economy and infrastructure falling apart, so are the sentences uttered by Mr. Maduro:
In one of his most infamous verbal flubs, in August, Mr. Maduro sought to make a reference to the biblical story of Jesus' multiplying the loaves and fishes -- only to have it come out of his mouth as "the multiplication of the penises." Mr. Maduro apparently conflated "peces" (fish) and "panes" (loaves) to produce "penes" (penises). He quickly apologized and corrected himself, but the damage was done.
Good Lord! Why, that's even more embarrassing than the visiting evangelist in an Ozark church who was preaching on St. Peter and, in a moment of enthusiasm, called out, "How many Peters do we have in this congregation?" The poor fellow's query was met by tense silence, for the word "peter" was a colloquial euphemism for the word accidentally uttered by Mr. Maduro.

But to give Mr. Maduro his due, multiplication's the name of the game . . .



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