Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Final Photos from Mr. Scott's 80th Birthday!

My sister-in-law Sandy, wife of my brother John, sent a belated message concerning Mr. Scott's 80th birthday party:
Here are a couple of photos of Mr. Scott's birthday. Sorry I haven't been able to get back with you sooner, but I had some knee repair surgery, thus a delay in communication.
All is forgiven, Sandy, for the delay wasn't your fault, and the photos you sent show Mr. Scott at his best:

What a great smile from Mr. Scott, eh? The two smiles below -- from Susie and her mother, Barbara -- are also fine!

And we now get to enjoy three smiles -- counterclockwise, from Mr. Scott, Sandy, and John!

I'm told that "smiles" is the longest word in the English language because there's a mile between each "s"! But in my reading, "smiles" is even longer, for it goes on for miles after the first "s"!

And sometimes, smiles are formed even by tears over good memories kept in abeyance, as with those nearly called forth by the birthday greetings that Deva, Pete, and I wrote, about which Sandy reports:
Mr. Scott chose not to read the letters while people were around, he said "I don't want to cry in front of everyone, I'll read them later." Thus we left it at his discretion and honored his request.
In a way, that's even more meaningful . . .

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