Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sara Low: 9/11 Memorial for 2013

Every year on the anniversary of 9/11, I devote a blog entry to Sara Low, a young woman with whom my brother Tim was acquainted. She was a native of Batesville,  Arkansas and was working as a flight attendant on the first plane hijacked by the Al Qaeda Islamist terrorists and used as a missile to destroy the World Trade Center.

Her hometown also remembers her annually, by hosting a five-kilometer race through its city streets because Sara was a runner on the track team when she attended school there. Here is a photo of Sara from her high school graduation:

This photo was first shown on my 2008 commemoration of Sara, so if you click on the link you can read what I wrote then. You can also search my blog for yearly entries on Sara, if you have time and inclination.

I didn't know Sara personally, so these blog entries are just a small part of her legacy, and I wanted to show that others also remember her, and in a way far greater than my small, annual commemoration.

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