Friday, September 27, 2013

Photos from Jim Scott's 80th Birthday

Jeanie Scott Oliver has sent me some photos from Mr. Scott's birthday party. This first one shows her younger sister Susie sitting next to the birthday boy himself. As can be seen from the decorations, this was a colorful get-together!

The second photograph -- I don't know the actual sequence -- shows Mr. Scott extinguishing his candles (and not even having to use a fire extinguisher, despite the fears of Pete Hale!).

Here's a gift Mr. Scott enjoyed, "a left-handed gun belt with holster for the gun that [his grandson] Sach gave to him," as Jeanie explained in her email (hence the quotation marks).

Below, we see Susie again, this time visiting with my brother John, a classmate of hers in the Salem school system, from which they graduated around 1980, I think.

More visiting below, this time between John's wife, Sandy, and Mr. Scott -- though this looks like a quiet moment to me . . . possibly a pose?

Finally, here's the birthday greeting sent from Deva Hupaylo (rounding out the ones from Pete Hale and me):
Dear Mr. Scott,

Thanks for setting higher standards for the students in your classes in 1974-76. I often think of conversations which we had in class and on the . . . [Physics and Trigonometry] trip to the State Fair in your car. Small things impact the future, and your influence is now affecting world events through one small treaty in The Hague. I wish you many happy days teaching your grandchildren and others around you.

Best always,

My old friend Deva, as long-time readers will know, heads the Industry Verification Branch at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which means she's a very busy lady these days, dealing with Syria. Wish her luck . . .

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