Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Bottomless Bottle of Beer: Only 20 Feet from Stardom . . . Briefly

The Bottomless Bottle of Beer
Amazon Kindle Free Preview

A couple of days ago, my novella was 20 Feet from Stardom, but in the weirdest category! As I noted in emails to friends:
Although there are no readers' reviews yet, for a brief shining moment, the BBB was -- rather oddly -- a 'bestseller' in the Kindle category of Fantasy Superhero:
"Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #77 in Kindle Store: Kindle eBooks: Literature: Fiction: Fantasy: Superhero"
I'll need to re-read my own story looking for that occulted superhero . . .
But near fame is fleeting, for by the time I contacted friends to brag to, my novella was already slipping:
PS But the ranking is constantly changing (now 84) . . .
Apparently, a book need not sell many copies to make the top hundred seller list in a sufficiently minor category. But which character is a 'superhero'? The only individual who qualifies as a hero, I suppose, is Dan Webster, who does seem gifted with a super-vivifying power, in the sense that he survived his own death. His 'heroics,' however, consist in his rhetorical powers of persuasion, which -- though impressive -- are not superhuman, nor are they the sort of power one expects in a superhero.

I hope all visitors to this blogpost are by now sufficiently intrigued to read my novella and offer their opinion to this overwhelming question: "Who is the fantasy superhero in The Bottomless Bottle of Beer?"

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