Monday, August 12, 2013

Down on the Farm with Uncle Cran

Today, Gypsy Scholar brings to readers the occasional Ozark farm report issued randomly by Uncle Cran, and replete with photos! First comes En-Uk's driving lesson:

According to Uncle Cran:
En-Uk was leery about driving the ATV, but this morning he finally got his nerves calmed and made a couple of rounds in the yard, with Sa-Rah doing the "back seat driving" and showing him what to do.
Sa-Rah has no qualms about taking control:

As Uncle Cran tells us:
Sa-Rah is a brave girl. She is ready to give the cows their ration of range cubes.
She heads out on her job:

Uncle Cran explains:
As you can see, the cows are ready and waiting, but Sa-Rah thought I should drive and distribute the feed. Since no one else was available to make a photo, there's no picture of us doing the actual feeding.
We'll have to assume they did the deed -- and just skip to the next activity:

Ah, my mysterious wife:
I thought we should send you a picture of Sun-Ae, as she is the mysterious lady who seldom gets into the picture album, since she is doing most of the picture taking. Sa-Rah is getting ready to take her for a drive across the field.
The two next appear far off in the field:

Only now does Uncle Cran note the danger:
Bravely driving past the cow herd they are going across the 50 acre pasture. Sa-Rah drove her mom all over the field. She must have been driving pretty fast, as when they were was off in the distance, I thought I heard Sun-Ae scream once.
Despite the risk, they appear to be surviving:

Uncle Cran admits to uncertainty:
[The photo before this one] may have been on their return trip . . . . I am not sure about that.

But this is after their lengthy tour, and return to the driveway.
I see no driveway, just an enormous field, but who am I to doubt Uncle Cran's word? Anyway, more photos are promised:
Sun-Ae had her camera with her, but I am not sure when she will send them. She has made several snapshots while here with us.
If she sends them, I will post . . .

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