Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Terrance Lindall Honored by Cambridge University Press: Illustration for Cover of Cambridge Companion to Paradise Lost!

Terrance Lindall -- the renowned artist who illustrated my Bottomless Bottle of Beer tale -- has received the outstanding honor of having one of his Paradise Lost illustrations selected for the cover of the Cambridge Companion to Paradise Lost:
The Yuko Nii Foundation is delighted to announce that Cambridge University Press will use one of Terrance Lindall's renowned Paradise Lost illustrations for the cover of the Cambridge Companion to Paradise Lost. Terrance said "It is a special honor indeed to be selected for a British publication, since the British over the years have produced a great quantity of outstanding Paradise Lost illustrators, among them the great William Blake."

The Cambridge story began in 1534 when Henry VIII granted them letters patent, allowing the Press to print 'all manner of books'.

Cambridge published its first book in 1584 making it the oldest publishing house in the world. Over the next four centuries the Press's reputation spread throughout Europe, based on excellence in scholarly publishing of academic texts, poetry, school books, prayer books and Bibles. Along the way Cambridge published ground-breaking works such as Newton's Principia Mathematica, Milton's Lycidas, Ernest Rutherford's Radio-activity, and Noam Chomsky's Language and Mind.

In the 20th century Cambridge extended that influence to become a global publisher. Today Cambridge has over 50 offices across the globe, employs almost 2,000 people, publishes over 45,000 titles by authors from over 100 countries, and is still growing, bringing thousands of subjects and millions of ideas to the world. (Cambridge University Press: History of the Press)
Lindall's art for Paradise Lost also appears on the cover of Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton, released by Random House in 2008. Holt Rinehart and Winston used another Lindall Paradise Lost image in a 2009 high school textbook with a distribution of 350,000 in both English and Spanish. Oxford University's major exhibit "Citizen Milton" at the Bodleian Library used one of Lindall's artworks for Paradise Lost from the Nii Foundation collection.

"Without a doubt, Terrance Lindall is the foremost illustrator of Paradise Lost in our age, comparable to other great illustrators through the ages, and someone who has achieved a place of high stature for all time." Robert J. Wickenheiser, Ph.D.

Robert Wickenheiser is a renowned Milton Scholar whose collection is one of the major collections of materials related to John Milton, editions and studies and artworks, in the world. The collection resides at the University of South Carolina. In 2015 there will be a major conclave to celebrate the collection with new additions of contemporary fine art illustrations. There is currently an open call for art for this exhibition, with information obtainable via email: wahcenter at

In 2012 Lindall completed work on what many believe to be the greatest printed and hand embellished book of Paradise Lost illustrations ever produced (with 23.75 carat gold leaf borders). It will be on display Septembers 22nd at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.

The hand embellished gold illuminated 13 x 19 inch elephant folio

I am thus honored in turn that an artist of Lindall's stature was willing to take time off from his very busy schedule to create the illustrations for my Bottomless Bottle of Beer story.

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At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Bienvenido Bones Banez said...

Yes Indeed! Our great inspiration Master Terrance Lindall and we are blessing in the 21st Century! and we believed these are from the world prophecy from our Master John Milton spirit still guide us and our greatest celebration into 666 Art World Wisdom & Prophecy! And we thanks to our Master of the world 666!

Your Brother Bienvenido Bones Banez, Jr.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Thanks, Bien.

Jeffery Hodges

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