Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Terrance Lindall's Paradise Lost Illustrations

Paradise Lost Illustrations
Terrance Lindall

In testing various publishing possibilities regarding The Bottomless Bottle of Beer, Terrance Lindall succeeded in uploading a number of his Paradise Lost illustrations at the site issuu.

Just to be absolutely clear, these constitute an illustrated book of Terrance's synopsis of Milton's epic poem, along with an introduction by the artist and curator Yuko Nii, of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, and a commentary by the Milton scholar Robert J. Wickenheiser, who also collects books relevant to Milton, and especially favors illustrated works.

I've seen these illustrations before, but not in book format, and my reaction was rather briefer than Wickenheiser's essay on pages 43-57, for all I could say was:
Wow! Really great -- and the color is astonishing.
But I think that Wickenheiser and I feel the same way. For others who share the feeling, the book can be ordered here:
milton at wahcenter.net
I don't happen to know the price, but interested readers can email the WAH Center and inquire.

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