Friday, December 14, 2012

Robert Bellah's Critique of Sociobiology?

Bellah's Magnum Opus

Although he mentions the word "sociobiology" only one time in 746 pages (page 261, to be specific), much of Bellah's book draws on paleontology and biology, both comparative and evolutionary, to refute sociobiological views by showing that culture extends far down the evolutionary tree and deep into evolutionary history, by which he implies the co-evolution of culture and biology, an antireductionist view in which each influences the other -- or so I thought the other night in an insomniac hour I lay upon my bed thinking about Bellah, his views, and his role as my adviser back when I was studying at Berkeley, with one thought leading to another, ending with this contra-sociobiological moment, which I might go into more deeply some day when I've finished reading the book.

Sorry to be so brief this morning, but I have final exams to administer and final papers to grade . . .

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