Thursday, November 01, 2012

Terrance Lindall Survives 'Frankenstorm' and Continues Illustrating . . .

Azazello Draws Blood
Terrance Lindall

Several hours after I posted yesterday's worried blog entry, Terrance re-established contact despite destruction in New York City by the worst hurricane in a century, and he seems to have worked throughout the storm's duration, as he forwarded a new 'trailer' for what will be his illustrated version of my novella, offering these words to accompany the video:
"Master Storyteller Horace Jeffery Hodges writes a tale that is already considered a classic. [As it was a]n immediate hit, Terrance Lindall, master illustrator, adopted the story for a graphic novel and a film. Release is set for September 2013."
Terrance seems to be quoting someone, but doesn't identify the writer -- though perhaps it's James Baldwin Cohen -- and despite the quote citing September 2013 as the release date, the video says March 2013. Perhaps that's Terrance's 'trickster' spirit, but I'll ask him to clarify.

I'd like to believe my story is a classic, but that's for others to judge. It's at least been something of a 'hit' with readers who have previewed it. Meanwhile, watch the video for Terrance's humorous take on the tale!

UPDATE: Some glitches have to be ironed out on the video, but Terrance can't get back to his workroom due to the aftermath of the hurricane that struck NYC.

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