Saturday, June 02, 2012

Gay Marriage and Evangelicals: I Was Sort of Right

On Wednesday, I posted an entry on gay marriage and speculated that the younger generation of evangelicals was less opposed to the position than the older generation, adding that I suspected the older generation of having softened on this issue.

As should happen to turn out, I was right, more or less. Click and take a close look at these statistics posted in an article that I found by Tobin Grant and Sarah Pulliam Bailey on "How Evangelicals Have Shifted in Public Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage" (Christianity Today, May 11, 2012):

If evangelicals are roughly equivalent to "Born-Again," there has been significant decline among them in opposition to same-sex marriage. Now, look at these related statistics:

Evangelicals aged 18-35 are only 44 percent opposed to same-sex marriage. I suspect that this percentage will continue to decrease.

I therefore hold that my local experience reflects a larger American shift between older and younger evangelicals -- and evangelicals vis-à-vis non-evangelicals.

Go to the entire article for the various complications . . .

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