Saturday, May 05, 2012

Shannon Hodges Talks about Writing, Counseling, and International Counseling

Professor Shannon Hodges
Interviewed by Jeffrey Bloomberg

Readers who enjoyed my interview with my younger brother Shan might also enjoy this 35-minute-video interview with him conducted by Jeffrey Bloomberg, a program manager in the Buffalo/Niagara and New York areas.

I don't have a transcript, and I won't attempt quoting from memory or even summarizing. I'll simply note that Shan has some interesting things to say about the difference between fiction and nonfiction writing, the former being more difficult but also more fulfilling because he is creating an entire world when he writes fiction. I've never done the entire world thing since I've never attempted a novel, but I can imagine what Shan means.
He also has some interesting things to say about the future direction of education. He discusses this in the context of counseling, about which I know little, but his point about the increasing role of international education and scholarly collaboration across national borders is something that I see happening already -- indeed, my own 'career' exemplifies this trend.

If counseling, writing, or future trends in education interest you, then you might find the 35 minutes worth your time.

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