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Blaming the Jews: Xin Yishan's 'Analysis'

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As I've occasionally mentioned, I receive daily emails of the Korea Open Source Digest sent out by USFK J2, and I recently received Volume 4, Issue 114 (Friday, June 17, 2011), which had the following 'intriguing' analysis on the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, "Feeling Pulse of US Recent Actions," by Xin Yishan for the Guangming Wang (original Chinese 6/06/11; translated and released 6/16/11):
The situation in the Middle East is complicated. Many social psychologists in the United States never expected that the "butterfly effect" at the beginning of the incident could lead to such large-scale social unrest. However, the United States is skillful in availing itself of every opportunity. In the evolution of the series of volatile unrest, we can clearly see the black hand of the United States using media reports, political backing, rumors, training of saboteurs, pamphlets for action, and the instigating of discontent behind the scenes. Obviously, the United States "contributed" to the chaos in the Middle East. Although the chaotic situation in the Middle East has been the result of direct US meddling, the strategy is also not significant. Creating problems and fishing in troubled waters has been the advantage of the United Kingdom and the United States, which is also a traditional experience for their successes. The Americans have integrated the habits of the Britons of wishing to see others thrown into confusion whenever possible. When the Middle East was thrown into disorder, fanning flames and creating confusion were the rules of behavior of the Americans. When there was no unrest, the Americans would want to create confusion, to say nothing of the signs of unrest that already existed. Reaping profit amid turmoil was the good experience of the Americans during the First and Second World Wars. Naturally, the Americans are cherishing the dream of the unrest in the Middle East leading to turmoil in Europe.
In other words: I don't know why the US fomented chaos in the Middle East since this isn't really in American interests, though clearly and obviously, the Americans manipulated events, so I assume that they flubbed their multitasking strategy of fishing in troubled waters while fanning flames of confusion and didn't expect their meddling to backfire, but the US will surely attempt to turn the confusion to advantage -- and the Americans probably wanted to harm Europe, too, but I'm not sure why, so maybe it's the Jews since I know that they don't like the Europeans:
The Jews in the United States had enough weight to promote chaos in the Middle East. Jewish strategists believe that unrest in the Middle East will expedite exhaustion within the Arab World and be conducive to the existence of Israel. For this reason, the research institutions controlled by the Jews make use of every opportunity to appropriately propose plans for US economic recovery. With the examples of World War I and World War II, they presented a lot of good sounding ideas, reminding US policymakers to make full use of the Middle East unrest to obtain benefits for the United States, such as attacking the euro to restore the status of the greenback. Naturally, US policymakers who are used to benefiting at the expense of others have acknowledged these selfish tricks. Therefore, we have witnessed the unrest now in the Middle East. The Americans are anxious to see unrest and the more chaotic the better. In light of the current military strength of the United States, it is absolutely capable of protecting a few nations. The United States would like to see great disorder in other regions of the Middle East.
In other words: I realize that the Jews in Israel expressed dismay as the Obama Administration slowly sided with the protesters against Mubarak, but that apparent dismay was just for show because the Jews actually control things in the US and therefore manipulated US policy to turn it against Mubarak, but the Jews are too foolish to see what is obvious, as I shall show, and they will thus be hoist by their own petard when its fuse is lit as they play with the fire fanned by the American fishing expedition:
The policymakers of Jewish origin similarly do not understand the truth that he who plays with fire will eventually burn himself. The chaotic situation in the Middle East will burn Israel in the long run and all the pressure will then focus on Israel. The existence of Israel will then be a big question. Although Israel appears to be very strong, the exhaustion of the protracted wars will wear it down. Wars and huge military spending can bring about a collapse of any big power, to say nothing of Israel which is a small nation.
In other words: Same as what I said earlier, above -- the Jews are manipulating the chaos fanned into flames in the Middle East by the American fishing team -- but I can again restate the point, throwing in a tidbit of Chinese wisdom along with my canny economic analysis on how the Americans want to sabotage the euro:
The unrest in the Middle East will temporarily benefit the United States but it is hard to say whether it will be to the advantage of the United States in the long run. The United States will also be dragged into the wars if it insists on resolutely backing Israel. It will be like lifting a rock to drop on one's own feet. Germany, France, and the Netherlands have benefited from the euro so they will not easily give up the euro. Therefore, the task will be very arduous for the Yankees to adopt any means to crush the euro.
In other words: Rocks dropped to scare fish into nets can splash up and douse flames of chaos, or they can land on one's own foot, too, and there is no need to repeat myself on how the US has so clearly worked to crush the euro as it multitasks among fishing for fracas, fanning furious flames, and flattening fine finance, so let me just note that the US and the Jews are plotting together on this point:
The chaotic situation in the Middle East is created by the US habitual behavior and Jewish plotters for their common interests and the continuous shaping of its evolution and tactical ground is under way. In my opinion, however, the chaotic situation in the Middle East is like a muddy, turbulent current and anyone trying to cross this muddy current is likely to be drowned. The best is yet to come and there will be something good for the Americans and the Israeli Jews. The unrest in the Middle East will drastically change into another wave against Israel.
In other words: These Jewish and American plotters are inadvertently plotting their own destruction . . . I hope.

Commentary: The writer, Xin Yishan, presents a clueless analysis. Or is he being deliberately obtuse? He offers no facts, and he has nearly everything wrong in his analysis. Neither the Americans nor the 'Jews' fomented the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. The US and Israel were both surprised by the unrest, and both fear that Islamists might gain power, especially in Egypt, where they might, for instance, abrogate the Camp David Accords and Egypt's peace treaty with Israel.

Is Xin Yishan actually so clueless? Or being deliberately obtuse? Or is he falling prey to antisemitic paranoia and beginning to see Jews as manipulating everything that goes against China's interests.

As if there weren't enough antisemitism in the world . . .

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At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Eric said...

He doesn't seem to be saying anything that controversial.

He doesn't deny an indigenous role to the uprisings. He says that the US is involved, and that Jews have a prominent role in American politics and policy. And he says that he believes this involvement will be bad for the US and for Israel.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Xin Yishan goes beyond the bounds of your summary, Eric:

"The Jews in the United States had enough weight to promote chaos in the Middle East. Jewish strategists believe that unrest in the Middle East will expedite exhaustion within the Arab World and be conducive to the existence of Israel."

Xin Yishan is claiming that the Jews are responsible for promoting what he calls "chaos" in the Middle East. This sounds to me like Protocols paranoia to me.

It also ignores the reality that Israelis generally worry that these democratic uprisings will benefit Islamists and not work in Israel's interests. Moreover, the uprisings caught the US by surprise.

Yet, Xin Yishan purports to find the Jews and the US as having fomented the uprisings:

"The chaotic situation in the Middle East is created by the US habitual behavior and Jewish plotters for their common interests and the continuous shaping of its evolution and tactical ground is under way."

This goes beyond mere involvement.

Anyway, thanks for the comment.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it is a "chaotic" situation over there right now.

He seems to be talking about Jews in the US, not necessarily Israelis. Jews in the US and elsewhere in the diaspora will disagree with Israelis over what policies are good for Israel and Jews generally.

If the persistence of the chaotic situation, as opposed to its cessation by government crackdown, is due to US involvement and Jewish involvement in forming US policy, then "mere involvement" would have been sufficient.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Anonymous, you're correct that Xin Yishan does seem to be speaking mainly of Jews in the US, but I believe that my point still stands.

He believes that the Jews specifically, and the American government, created the chaos, but that is entirely wrong. The uprisings started without American involvement (let alone the involvement of the Jews). Indeed the uprisings caught everyone by surprise, and the US was slow to support any of these popular movements.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Eric said...

That last comment by "Anonymous" was by me. I forgot to sign it.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I thought that might be the case. Thanks for the clarification.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Eric said...

I think if US involvement, and Jewish involvement in forming US policy, has prevented the cessation of the chaos through government crackdown, then arguably they have had a role in creating and persisting the chaos.

Even if we grant for the sake of argument that the initial spark of chaos was completely independent and spontaneous, this doesn't negate the above.

If, say, an American state seceded and rose against the US federal government, and Chinese involvement prevented the US fed gov't from swiftly crushing the rebellion, leading to a chaotic and protracted conflict, then I don't think it would be too unreasonable to say that Chinese involvement had a role in creating and persisting the chaos.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Eric, in looking back over Xin Yishan's statements, I can see how you arrived at your interpretation.

I think, however, that he wants to leave ambiguous whether the US and the Jews initially created the chaos or merely contributed to it.

Either way, he assumes that both the US and the Jews wanted chaos. This seems very unlikely to me, based on my own reading of the events as they occurred.

Maybe we just have to agree to reading Xin Yishan differently (and we are dealing with a translation).

Jeffery Hodges

* * *


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