Monday, April 11, 2011

LeRoy Tucker: Website to Climax I: Cotton on the Rocks

My literary friend and fellow Ozark hillman LeRoy Tucker now has a website for his first book, Climax I: Cotton on the Rocks. Just click on the link under the image above and find yourself in Climax, Arkansas, a fictional Ozark village not far from where 'Tuck' was born and close to where I also grew up.

The site is still under construction, but you can already navigate to read about Tuck and his book, and you can even read an excerpt of "The Farrar Incident," pages 31 though 36, which will put you directly into the action and give you a sample of Tuck's style, along with his facility in the local Ozark dialect, now almost entirely gone.

Tuck's writing appeals to me for both literary and personal reasons. The latter concern my memories of the old folks whom I knew when I was a child in the Ozarks, as readers of this blog might already realize. But that's a personal appeal that Tuck's stories hold for me, and you need not be me or someone of my place and time to appreciate the tales that he tells.

Tuck is a funny, creative, and enthralling storyteller. He can be quite shocking, as in "Rolland Burdick," a "story about an overzealous preacher and self mutilation" or even profoundly touching, as in "a poignant little love story, 'Cadillac Pie' that will stir the hardest of hearts," or so says the official "Book Description," and it's right, for I've read those two stories.

Tuck deserves a strong following, a readership that appreciates good storytelling, so read his book, and spread the word.

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