Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Memory of Park Wan-suh

(October 20, 1931 – January 22, 2011)
(Image from The Hankyoreh)

I was saddened to learn this past Saturday morning that Park Wan-suh had suddenly passed away. My daughter was doing her homework on the computer and happened to see the breaking news in Korean, so she immediately told my wife and me since we were all three working in the living room.

I thought that others should be informed, particularly English-speakers with an interest in Korea, so I posted a note around 11:00 a.m. to an open thread over at the Marmot's Hole, a popular blog here in Korea. But that thread was a week old, so when a new open thread was set up a couple of hours later, I posted again, that more might learn the sad news:
Park Wan-suh has just died this morning (January 22, 2011). Condolences to her family, friends, and readers.
Others, both foreigners and Koreans, responded to the news with sadness, so I added:
I'm touched to see that others love the stories of Park Wan-suh. I first read her some two or three years ago working freelance for the Daesan Foundation. Stephen Epstein and Yu Young-nan had translated Who Ate Up All the Shinga, and I was called upon to judge the English version's literary quality. I found it excellent but caught enough typos to warrant a meeting over dinner with the translators and Park Wan-suh herself. I'll always treasure that evening.
I actually wrote about the experience on this blog. In fact, I've blogged several times about Park Wan-suh and her writings, and if any readers are interested in those posts, here they are (along with today's post and any future posts I happen to write).

The Hankyoreh has a thoughtful and informative obituary. There will be more.

박 완서님, 편히 잠드소서. Requiescat In Pace, Park Wan-suh.

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