Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ozark Images: Relaxing at Brother John's Home

We're preparing to leave the Ozarks for Seoul, but I still have photographs of the great outdoors to share as soon as my wife uploads them to the computer . . . which won't be for a couple of days. Meanwhile, here are a few scenes showing some of us relaxing at home.

In the photo below, you see my younger and more handsome brother Shannon getting ready to serve himself -- or at least doing something with a napkin. I look as if I'm already eating even though my son, En-Uk, appears prepared to pray. My mother, using her better judgment, ignores me.

In a later, postprandial moment, Sa-Rah reflects on how to measure out chocolate malt with a coffee spoon as Shoshanna looks away from a teachable moment.

In the picture below, you see my half-brother, Matthew Miller, talking with me about country music themes as two of the small children in our family pretend to pack up their own country troubles to trundle them away.

At the same time, En-Uk and one of his cousins study sartorial fashions as Sa-Rah plays classical guitar.

En-Uk later entertains us with one of his special talents . . . monkeying around!

Other photographs are yet to appear, but since we leave today for the airport, several days may elapse before the next post goes up.

Until then . . .

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