Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ozark Images: More of Uncle Woodrow's Farm

Cousin Martha sent along a few photographs that my wife had taken using Aunt Pauline's camera after the battery in our own camera had run down, so I suppose that we're still on a vicarious vacation.

Here's Uncle Woodrow posing before a fireplace that doubles as a bookcase -- books are read over the summer and burned as fuel throughout the winter. But only the fuel-ish books.

As I've previously noted, he looks quite good for 83 years . . . as does Aunt Pauline, posed in her rocking chair below.

En-Uk poses in the next photo with a great big mess of great big catfish -- six all together, of which he caught five!

Feeling his wild oats, En-Uk pitches in to try his hand at farming. Or at alarming sister Sa-Rah, who appears just about ready to achieve lift-off.

I quickly put a stop to that horseplay by confiscating the pitchfork. Horace-play instead from now on . . . which is mostly wordplay, as you may already have suspected.

All too soon comes the time to say good-bye to Uncle Woodrow and Aunt Pauline in their nearly iconic, but mostly ironic pose.

The pitchfork, at any rate, is now securely in safer hands, and farmwork by the sweat of one's brow can proceed without En-Uk's agronomic devilry.

Perhaps just a bit more vicarious vacation tomorrow . . .

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