Sunday, December 27, 2009

Afghanistan Dynamic Planning: Official Site!

Afghanistan Dynamic Planning
Just a little plan . . .

I know that I'm behind the curve on this flow chart, but I've been busy these past few weeks with grading, editing, publishing, and . . . um, being a good family man (i.e., no golfing around).

Anyway, a military officer of my acquaintance sent me the above diagram to 'clarify' NATO's plan for countering the Afghan insugency. Remember "Shock and Awe"? Well, this is similar: "Wonk and Gah!"

Sorry, bad pun . . . truly bad. But, honestly, this strategy is so gah-dang wonkily complex that its main aim must be to confuse the insurgents. Will it work? I can imagine them conferring:
"Well, Brother Osama, what is the proper shariah-based response to this latest infidel atrocity?"

"Amir Omar, I say we cut off the heathen hand of whoever drew this!"
Little do they yet realize that computers have no hands. That dawning realization will break their hearts and cause them to give up altogether -- like what happened with Jim Smiley's proverbial dog, Andrew Jackson, when it fought that nameless dog with no hind legs, a sad tale that Mark Twain somewhere relates.

Anyway, if you want to better understand the above diagram, then this officially released video explains all.

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