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Ozark Ice Storm: Photos from Kinfolk in Fulton County

Ice Storm, Photo 1
Home of Aunt Pauline and Uncle Woodrow

Cousin Martha Jean Foster (née Hodges), wife of Bob Foster, sent three photos of the recent ice storm that has cut the rest of the world off from the Ozarks. I'm inferring that these photographs were taken early in the morning as the sun rose on the crystalline Narnia-landscape that the Ozarks had become during the overnight storm that had added another layer of ice to the ice sheath left by a previous storm a day earlier.

Ice Storm, Photo 2
Home of Cousin Martha and Husband Bob

In this second photo can be seen an indication of the sort of destruction wreaked throughout the Ozarks -- branches broken off under the burden of ice, hinting at the fallen trees and severed powerlines that have left thousands without electricity, possibly for several weeks to come. Note, also, the icicles hanging from the high eaves.

Ice Storm, Photo 3
Home of Cousin Martha and Husband Bob

This third picture offers more trees with branches down, albeit less dire in appearance. Now, let's read what Cousin Martha has to say concerning their determined recovery from this disaster as they and others either continue to use firewood to cook and heat or go to the extra trouble of purchasing fuel-driven generators to power their homes with electricity:
Well, the big news is we have a generator and have TV, computer, and lights. We probably have other things, just haven't tried. Oh, the water was most important and [we] can [now] flush toilets without carrying water. Yippee!!!

We will turn on the hot water as needed for baths. Went to Andy and Leah's for showers as they have gas hot water and city water which will run without [electrical] power. Well water won't.
That "Well" is not a phatic expression but refers to water from a well. But you knew that, of course.

Next, Martha reports on Aunt Pauline and Uncle Woodrow:
Mom and Dad go from the little house to sleep and eat, the big house just has one gas wall heater and the cabin is warmer with gas wall heater and wood cook stove. Too hot actually for Dad, but good for Mom.
By "go from," I think Martha means that Aunt Pauline and Uncle Woodrow are staying in their nearby little house -- or 'cabin' -- and going out from there to do their farm chores. Or maybe she meant "go to."

But on to other relatives, including Martha's sister -- my Cousin Velna -- and husband, Curren, among others:
Velna and Curren got two generators yesterday. [Aunt] Kathryn and Unc[le] Buell are at [Aunt] Virginia's as of last Sat[urday]. No one has heard from them since.
That sounds more ominous than was intended, I think. But to continue:
Our phone[s] were out till yesterday, mine and [Aunt] Virginia's anyway. Assume they [-- Aunt Kathyrn and Uncle Buell --] are ok. [Uncle] Cran has talked to Mom several times and they [-- Uncle Cran and Aunt Gay --] are living in the basement with wood heat. We have a wood stove in the garage and leave the door to house open and have been just fine. I cook on the gas grill burner. Velna has gas cook stove downstairs, gas fireplace up stairs. They are fine also. Ok, will type more later.
Everybody's turning to firewood and gas in lieu of electricity, unless they have those generators mentioned above, about which Martha adds:
Oh, no we don't have electricity, they say may be 8 to 10 weeks. Some already have it back, but us country folks don't. Poles and wires are down everywhere, thanks to the ice. Will type at you later, as long as the generator keeps a tickin.
Odd, how we say such things as "thanks to the ice," as though we meant to thank a natural disaster for the evil that it has wrought!

I'll keep everyone posted on the ensuing evils or blessings as they develop . . . depending on reports from kinfolk, who can only send email when their generators are working and their phones capable of handling internet dial-up.

Or so I surmise.

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At 4:24 AM, Blogger jeanie oliver said...

Hi there, I sent you an email with a few pics from our place. I just got power and computer service. So many still without power. I live on such a wide open space that the atomic bomb effect is not easy to see from my pics. Glad to read about the rest of your family as we all feel a little bit cut off from civilization without our computers.

At 4:39 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Yes, I got the pictures. Thanks. I've gotten a lot of photos from some other folks, too, and will try to post on the widespread destruction in a day or two.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *


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