Saturday, March 15, 2008

Out on the town...

Mount Everest
You didn't know Everest was in town?
(Image from Wikipedia)

I got up two hours later than my habitual 3 a.m. because of a night out on the town and have had to spend nearly an hour and a half responding to comments posted while I was away neglecting my self-imposed blogging duties.

I soon have to get my kids out of bed, fix them breakfast, and kick them out the door in the direction of school, so this entry will be mercifully short.

But you're wondering about my "night out on the town," I suspect. Well, it's not what you suspect.

After my Yonsei writing course was over at 6:40 p.m., I hurried to Dongdaemun Subway Station, Exit 3, to meet my family and head for "Everest," a nearby Nepali restaurant.

In fact, the only nearby Nepali restaurant, and there cannot be many in Seoul, either.

My wife, kids, and I all found the food very tasty and remarkably similar to Indian food, though not quite so spicy as what I've eaten at Indian restaurants in London.

Anyway, Sun-Ae and I recommend the place, which is quite close to Dongdaemun Subway Station, Exit 3, just a few steps down the street, I think, but I was merely following my wife and keeping an eye on our two children, so I'm not certain.

Perhaps some of my Seoul readers can give more precise directions...

UPDATE: I've located a website for Everest Restaurant, so here's a map from Exit 3. By the way, the Nepal-Korea Friendship Society lists eight Nepali Restaurants.

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