Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Humor Break: One of my better lines...

Fertilization: So that's how it happens!
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Back when I was still living in Germany as a single man prior to meeting Sun-Ae, I became friends with a Polish woman named Magda whom I had gotten to know in one of the English courses that I taught for Tübingen's German-American Institute.

Magda and another Polish woman were both studying German at Tübingen's Eberhard Karls University, where I was pursuing -- not hot pursuit, mind you, but pursuing -- my doctoral research.

Anyway, this other Polish woman was living with her boyfriend, also Polish, who somehow got her pregnant but, oddly, had no interest in being a father and chose to ignore his impending paternal responsibilities.

Consequently, he refused to help his girlfriend during her pregnancy and didn't even show up at the hospital during her labor or after his child, a daughter, was born.

I, however, went with Magda to see the newborn little girl, who looked much like ... well ... like what a newborn baby looks like. Somewhat babyish ... if I recall.

As I was getting acquainted with this baby-person, the doctor entered the room, saw me -- the only man present -- smiled broadly, came over, shook my hand, and said, "Congratulations! You must be very happy!"

Not wanting to embarrass this nice doctor, I smiled just as broadly, accepted the implied paternity, and responded, "Yes, it is truly a miracle."

Of course, I've since learned that having children is always miraculous...



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