Saturday, June 24, 2006

Korean 'Red Devil' Team Takes On the Swiss: Live Blogging

Bulgeun Akma (뢉은 μ•…λ§ˆ)
aka "Red Devil"
Official Support Club

Caught in the German World Cup fever's Grippe, all of Korea is probably up watching their Korean Red Devils take the Swiss team to hell.

Except that right now, at five in the morning and the game half over, the Swiss are leading 1-0.

I keep waiting for the Red Devils to turn the heat up and start frying the Swiss like a slab of Speck in hell ... but my wife has just informed me that the redshirted team in this match is ... the Swiss?

What the hell? Damnation! Those foreign devils have the same game plan! Roast the other team in Hell!

Well, they say that sports is war by another name, and "War is hell," so I guess that it's a helluva war in hell between two devilish armies this fine June morning.

By the way, I realize that the "Red Devils" are, technically, the fans, not the team, but don't give me hell about that. Allow me some artistic license...

Uh-oh. Swiss up, 2-0, on a bad decision by one of the officials. One official called an offside, but another official disagreed, and in the confusion, the Swiss made a goal.

...time dismally passing...

Sigh ... game over. Switzerland won. Sadness among the demons in Dogebi Hell.

UPDATE: For a far better blogging of the game, go to Marmot's Hole and read Dissident Dave Marshall's blow-by-blow account, which explains so well in passing why the 'offside' was not a real offside that even my Korean wife has accepted the ruling!

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