Friday, October 07, 2005

Unite Against Terror: Follow-Up

The Bali bombings of October 1 show that the terrorists won't relent, so neither should we.

I recently received an email requesting that I ask others to sign on to a statement in solidarity against terrorism. I have previously blogged on this group's appeal, and some of you may have been moved to sign, but here's their recent letter:

Dear Signers of Unite Against Terror,

The Bali bombings of October 1, which killed 22 people, make it urgent to increase support for our statement and broaden it from being a response to the London attacks.

We have altered the introduction accordingly and would like you to send this call to all your contacts to ask them to sign. Three thousand did so very quickly. Please make a special effort to bring in support from all around the world and publicise it where you can:

The url is

In order to ensure that the site is maintained properly, it will be looked after by the Madrid11 website created by openDemocracy and the Club de Madrid. We are happy to have their support and hope you are too. The url will not change.

Best wishes, and thanks for your support,

Jane Ashworth

Alan Johnson

Adrian Cohen

Hak Mao

Harry's Place

Simon Pottinger

I know nothing about these people beyond the links that I've just found (which seem to place most of them on the strong left), but The Belmont Club posted their original appeal for support and noted that those signing on include well-known people on both the left and the right. I recognized such names as Christopher Hitchens and Marko Attila Hoare, among others, and signed on.

Take a look at the websites, use your own judgement, and decide what you think. If you have any further information, whether pro or con, add a comment.


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