Friday, September 09, 2005

Lala Oulippo and her non-Euclidean lingerie...

Lala Oulippo?

Must be a stage name in a parallel but non-Euclidean universe that intersects our own in the infinite future.

I have this 'name' from the simply fabulous Wendy Bracewell, who read yesterday's blog entry and posted a comment:

Jeff! Can it be that you never saw the brief but startling stage career of Lala Oulippo and her non-Euclidean lingerie? You can do a lot with elasticated underwear...

Elasticated underwear?

I believe that we're no longer speaking purely of performance but also of costume, and thus moving from Möbius stripping to the expandable topography of Klein Bottles.

Wendy also fired off an email response to my recounting of her proposed Möbian kinesthetics:

I cracked up! I'd completely forgotten that. I have sent the url to my father, who will be amused -- and glad that the campaign to save Heliopolis is getting such good publicity. I must see if I can find a new set of non-Euclidean underwear in case my colleagues/students inquire. Our place obsessively googles its staff, trying to measure 'esteem indicators'...

Well, I'm not surprised at students and colleagues goggling and ogling at anyone who would traipse about in non-Euclidean elasticated underwear. Doubtless, those steam indicators are off the charts . . .


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